So, here’s a little bit about me. The name is George Sidiropoulos. I like to consider myself as an aspiring singer/songwriter...

...whose music, speaks louder than words.

Growing up with various artistic influences from family and friends, I demonstrated an early interest in music while trying to play along to songs on a goblet drum.

I started taking drum lessons from the age of seven and picked up the guitar later on, at the age of twelve. Since then I have been self-taught in various other instruments and I am currently able to play and perform with over twenty different ones.

I have also been a member of various Orchestras and travelled across Europe performing as a percussionist with these groups. Most importantly for me, I have been writing, performing as well as producing my original music for the past eight years and now at the age of eighteen, I am releasing my first EP «ἄρχω». This is my first published work and it consists of seven songs that each one of them represents a part of myself. It is worth mentioning that, I composed and arranged, wrote the lyrics to and played all the instruments in this EP.

I hope you enjoy listening to them and stay tuned for more.